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Self Protection and Self Defence Instructor Training Courses on DVD

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We are currently looking for people interested in teaching Self Protection to their communities Nation Wide. If you would like to know how to become a certified Strike Forecs Instructor e mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now 


Strike Force Instructor programme now available. Click here for more information.

Lee Sansum Strike Force self protection system has been taught all over the World, it has been adopted by Special Forces Units because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

Qualified Instructors teach this practical defensive system to all SBBA students and their families.

We are currently looking for Strike Force Instructors please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information

If you would like to learn how to stay safer by watching the 5 DVD Strike Force course in the comfort of your own home visit our shop by clicking the Shop button at the top of this page


visit @Master Lee Sansum on Face Book and select Shop now.


Here is what Europe's leading Self Protection Company said about Lees latest DVD home training course

Dear Reader,

As you can see, above is a picture of Princess Diana shortly before her untimely death in 1997.

There is a guy with her in the front of her picture, and he's the reason I'm writing to you today.

This guy's name is Lee Sansum, and he is literally a WORLD-CLASS bodyguard who knows more about self-protection than 10 other ‘run of the mill self-defense' instructors - combined.

Lee is the REAL DEAL...and here's a real letter from the Princess proving how good he is at what he does.

Believe me: to work at this level... you need not just ‘good' self-defense and self-protection knowledge but you need literally WORLD-CLASS knowledge.

And it's why I'm writing to you today.

I'm writing to you about this ‘Royal Bodyguard' – a chap called Lee Sansum...

You might never have heard of Lee, but for the last two decades he's spent his time being a world-class bodyguard. Not only to Princess Diana, but also to the ‘rich and famous' – people you've almost certainly heard of. Fact is, Lee has protected such ‘hard men' as Sly Stallone, and even Karate man John Claude van Damme.

In fact, Lee is so good at self-protection that he's been asked to...

Train the NIGERIAN Special Forces!

This is a HUGE big deal...because these ‘forces' operate in a very rough and hostile environment, on an almost daily basis.

When they want to give THEIR men the best self-protection 'system' they can...they call up one man, and one man only.


You see, Lee has spent nearly all his life developed a powerful self-protection system that ANYONE can use themselves. And that's especially so IF...

  • You want a self-defense system that is quick and easy to learn...
  • You want something that REALLY works (famous people and Special Forces do NOT hire people with ineffective secrets!)
  • You want something that you can learn today and use tomorrow...right on your own doorstep
  • You want something that's easy to pick up EVEN IF you're not skilled, big or experience in self-defense.

Lee calls his system the ‘Strike Force System'.

And here's how easy to learn it is...


Yep, that's right. The whole thing consists of six easy-to-master moves.

Why? Because simple works when you're under fire ! As Lee explains:

“People need simplicity when things are on the line. Most self defence and martial arts systems are too complicated... there's too much to remember... too much choice about what to do next. You don't have time for that... What's important is to eliminate the threat as rapidly as possible...

With only six simple but deadly effective moves you don't have to be a muscleman, Kung Fu whizz, super fit soldier or specially trained person to put these techniques into action . They're so simple even an ‘armchair warrior' can master them!

Case Study 1 -- "Thugs assaulted his wife..."

Let me relate an incident that illustrates the power of what you are about to discover from Lee.

One night a friend of Lee's was in a take-away with his wife when two guys inside started becomingextremely abusive toward her. (Sound familiar?). They were using ‘street language' and she was hurt and very scared by their attitude.

Remembering what Lee had taught him her husband calmly chaperoned her out of the restaurant.

But the two thugs followed.

Using an outstretched arm to keep distance between his wife and the thugs the husband helped her into a taxi which was parked outside. He told her to lock the door then spun around and unleashed two deadly blows.

The assailants weren't prepared for this lightning fast onslaught .

The first was on his way to the ground when the other was similarly dealt with. All it took was just TWO powerhouse hits...and the result was two unconscious thugs. Problem solved!

Imagine if you were in that situation... and let's hope it never happens to you... but say it did, what would you do?

Well if you'd been trained by Lee there wouldn't be a problem...

You see, with what Lee is prepared to teach you...

You will discover how to take your opponent out with one strike!

Now, as you may know some self-defense systems have more than 68 techniques to learn and memorise...and that's just to get your white belt!

But how on earth are you going to remember all that when the chips are down? You can't... you become flustered and then it's often lights out...

That's what real world soldiers and body guards understand – what works best is what's simple, and it's why Lee's StrikeForce system is so easy to learn and understand.

That's why I've sat down to write you this today in fact.

You see, we recently met up with Lee and got ALL his StrikeForce system out of him.

This is the system he ‘used' on the front-lines to down attackers when protecting people like Princess Diana, Sylvester Stallone and John Claude Van Damme…

...and it's the SAME system he's now teaching to Nigerian Special Forces!

Would you like to discover how to use this too in your own acquire that same ability to protect not only yourself, but also your loved ones – whatever the ‘street' throws as you?

Well now you can...

You see, we put Lee's entire StrikeForce system on film – and it's this I want to tell you more about now.

Lee broke everything down for you into bite-sized ‘chunks' – so you can quickly and easily learn his StrikeForcesystem whilst sat at home in your armchair.

Here's a sample of what he showed us!

  • How to hit someone very hard without causing any damage to yourself -- most people get this wrong and end up causing painful injuries to themselves. When you understand this technique you'll be able to inflict maximum damage on an attacker without harm to you .
  • The difference between your lead hand and rear or power hand -- You'll discover how to identify each and when to use them. You'll understand how to use both hands to deliver devastatingly effective knock out blows
  • The first of the four deadly effective strikes and two defences -- Never underestimate the value of simplicity!
  • How to stand so you can react to any situation in a flash... most people stand in a way that hampers their safety... but you won't ever again once you understand the importance of this often overlooked facet of self-defence
  • Discover why your body is the ultimate weapon and how to quickly develop your personal weapon system
  • Burst out with the most powerful strike you can deliver. You'll be surprised at the simplicity of this and awed when you realise how powerful the blows are you can deliver... and it takes very little effort to develop
  • Preemptive striking on multiple attackers -- This is important to know... you'll discover how to floor multiple attackers before they twig there's a strike on it's way. Later, when they wake up they'll still be in the dark as to what hit them
  • Discover the Strike Force Hexagon and how to make it flow...
  • Lee's personal, individualised six drill combination that will prepare you for any scenario
  • The FAST system... Hone your new skills to perfection ... FAST will develop your Form, Accuracy, Speed and Timing
  • The lazy man's way to get up from a seated position and use your chair as a ‘blind' whilst you unleash a knockout blow
  • The correct ‘stance' to use whilst seated -- caution, get this wrong and you'll not develop any power at all in your strike
  • How to improve your delivery system by understanding what is going on in your attacker's mind ... You'll instantly know: Why, where and when to hit them for maximum effect

Understanding how your attackers think and act is a core function of the ‘Strike Force' system. As soon as you know the signs you will be able to apply the maxim of Survival by avoiding contact and walk away unharmed.


  • Why would-be attackers spend most of their time and energy victim profiling – and how to make sure YOU are NOT a victim!
  • Why many victims miss the warning ‘flash' and end up on the wrong side of the bang -- become aware of the warnings and you can avoid the trouble that would follow as sure as night follows day
  • Pre-attack behaviours that are essential for you to recognise so you can turn the tables and defeat your attacker before they know what's happening to them
  • How to set mental triggers that allow you to ‘fire' your shots... eliminate ‘buck fever' and take all uncertainty out of when to strike -- Once your trigger is set it will come to your assistance andautomatically fire your knock out strike without hesitation
  • The ‘empty air' punch that will break the strongest grip and allow you to walk free -- be careful when practicing this release as it can rip your partners nails clean off!
  • Where to stand when out walking with your partner so he / she is offered maximum protection by you
  • How to take your partner safely out of the line of fire even if they want to fight with the attacker -- this technique will leave you free to quickly floor the attacker before any damage can be done
  • How a natural action when taking your partner out of harm's way will fool the attacker as you load up and unleash your strike -- this is such a sweet move because it will end any problem without the attacker even being aware of it
  • How to free a partner who has been grabbed and put in a headlock by the assailant -- this simple but deadly-effective technique has been personally taught to anti kidnapping special forces in Nigeria where kidnapping is rife
  • How to free a partner or friend who is flat on his back while the assailant sits on his chest raining blows down -- you'll deliver a swift and powerful strike that will render the attacker unconscious in micro seconds

And that was just for starters!

Lee also ‘de-constructed' for us – through a complete DVD – what people being attacked in a variety of real-life situations did WRONG...

If you've ever wanted to know just what to do if you ever get ‘attacked' on the street – you need to watch this DVD.

You'll learn...

  • How an SAS operative used the StrikeForce system to save him and his wife by knocking out two street thugs in a dodgy fast food joint!
  • How a man who was beaten to an inch of his life...would have been unhurt and would have defeated multiple attackers just by taking one simple step (Lee will explain this to you in-depth)
  • How two couples who were viciously gang attacked with bats and hammers when out for a meal – and how Lee could have shown them how to prevent it by using Lee's 'flash bang' theory
  • How an under-cover special forces operatives used Lee's system to defeat three armed terrorist in a war zone operation
  • And plenty more...

Packed onto five DVDs...Lee revealed what has taken him 27 years to learn – how to be your OWN ‘ultimate bodyguard' using the secrets of the World's best close protection officers.

Finally – on an extra bonus DVD from Lee, you'll learn how to wrap everything together – so you can quickly master these personal self-defense skills, having more REAL know-how than your average Karate ‘master'!

But what about the cost?

Well let me tell you that ordinarily it would cost you thousands of pounds to have Lee travel to your home and train you in person... and it would be worth it . After all, Lee is a World-class bodyguard and self-protection operative.

(Plus you'd have to pay for his air ticket as well!)

Problem is you may not have thousands of pounds to shell out... and even if you did Lee probably wouldn't have time to come train you right now because he's booked solid for the coming year.

So to make sure you can get your hands on this powerful self defence system right now Lee has agreed to let us publish complete ‘Strike Force System' onto FIVE DVDs.

And the best part is that it won't cost you anywhere near as much as you might expect... and there are no plane tickets to fork out for either!

In fact, what you're getting here is simply...

A Complete Self-Defence System That Could Save Your Life!

And you can't put a price on that.

So you'll be pleased to know that your investment in the life-saving ‘Strike Force System' is only £127.00 as a valued customer.

That's about the cost of an HOUR of Lee's time...yet you get his entire system – hard-learned over two decades – for that small fee. And you can watch and learn from it over and over again...all from the comfort of your favourite arm-chair!

And it's all RISK-FREE to you as well!

What's more, I want you to try out the “ Strike Force System ” for 60 full days. Study every single DVD and copy every move. And if at any time during those sixty days you aren't absolutely convinced this is for you then please return everything...and you will be refunded in full.

And we'll still be friends.

You see I want you to be absolutely delighted with the "Strike Force System" and satisfied it will give you more self confidence and the ability to protect yourself (and your loved ones).

Seriously...the only way you can lose is if you choose not to get the Strike Force Self-Defence System today.

Now is YOUR chance to learn how a WORLD-CLASS body-guard and trainer of Special Forces REALLY protects himself and his clients!

So here's what you need to do now...

Simply hit one of the 'Order Now'' buttons on this page and you'll check out right away.

Just don't hang about with this . Seriously, you'll feel great just a few days after watching this material – as you'll finally know what to do in any street scenario to end the fight fast, and walk away ‘clean'.

I think you'll like that!