Sansum Martial Arts Head Office

Moray Sports Centre, Linkwood Road, Elgin, Moray, IV30 8AR.

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Tel: 07775918079

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SBBA is a family and veteran owned organisation which was established in Moray in1999 and is engaged in changing lives by using Martial Arts as the medium to bring core values to the communities in which we serve.        

Our Sport Scotland award winning development programs have helped thousands of young people develop new skills to help them be the best they can be.

We are one of the most successful Sport Martial Arts Academies in the U.K. however we are not a Podium finish focused school we focus on individual achievement in terms of never ending improvement in the training environment at home and in the community.

By Example We Lead


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Sansum Blackbelt Elgin
Moray Sports Centre
Linkwood Road
IV30 8AR
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Sansum Blackbelt Lossiemouth
Lossiemouth Town Hall
High Street  
IV31 6PF
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Sansum Blackbelt Sports City
Ten Acres Sports Complex
10 Acres Lane
M40 2SP
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Sansum Blackbelt Forres
Forres House Community Centre
27D High Street
IV36 1BU 
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Sansum Blackbelt Keith
Longmore Community Hall
Banff Road
AB55 5HA
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Sansum Blackbelt Speyside
Mortlach Memorial Hall
6 Albert Place
AB55 4AY
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Sansum Blackbelt Sports City
Parrs Wood High School
Wilmslow Road
M20 5PG
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Sansum Blackbelt Poulton
Poulton-le-Fylde Community Hall
Vicarage Road
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Sansum Blackbelt Kinloss
Cumming Hall
IV36 3UX
Sansum Blackbelt Inverness


Little Dragons

3-5 years old


“Nathaniel has only been attending Sansum Blackbelt Academy for a few weeks but is really enjoying doing kickboxing. He has made some new friends, it is helping his confidence and he enjoys taking part in the class.”

Christopher, Parent, Terrier 1 Class – Elgin

“Our daughter goes to Sansum Blackbelt Academy. We are impressed by the skills she has already learned. She always has lots of fun and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. They are always approachable and take a genuine interest in pupils. It is more than a martial arts class, Sansum Blackbelt Academy promotes a healthy lifestyle, a positive attitude, self belief and holistic development in the children.”

Alan, Parent, Little Ninja Class – Elgin

”Great club and I am learning new skills in every lessons.  I love being a junior instructor, helping out in all the kids classes.  I love that my input is making a real difference to the children’s lives.”

Conor – Adults Class – Aberdeen

”So far my son has absolutely loved his classes with Colin and Tracey.  At first my son was unsure on the trial class but as soon as he saw the other boys giving it a go he dived right in and now everyday I have him asking when his next class is.  I definitely think what Colin teaches the children helps, especially at home.  I have a 4 year old who will now clean his own room if he makes a mess; it is great!  As long as my child continues to learn, I am glad I found this class for him.”

Emma – Little Dragon Class – Aberdeen