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Moray Sports Centre, Linkwood Road, Elgin, Moray, IV30 8AR.

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Core Values

SBBA is a family and veteran owned organisation which was established in 1999 and is engaged in changing lives by using Martial Arts as the medium to bring core values to the communities in which we serve.

Being a Blackbelt is not easy being; aggressive in combat, showing self-control and humility at all other times.

By Example We Lead

1. COURAGE: Doing the right things when we should be when we don’t want to do them

Showing both physical and moral courage. Doing your duty to others in your community regardless of discomfort and not looking the other way when you know something is not right even if it doesn’t make you popular.                             

2. DISCIPLINE: Doing things properly at the right time

Giving your teammates, family and community the confidence that you will do the right things properly at the right times. Discipline earns you TRUST and RESPECT and gives you courage to make difficult choices. 

3. RESPECT FOR OTHERS: Treat others as you expect to be treated

People come from all walks of life in different shapes, sizes and colour. There is no place for any discrimination in SBBA or any form of harassment or bullying. Discrimination of any kind damages our team and is destructive between team mates. We must not judge people by their race, religion or sex and must have respect irrespective of their abilities.

4. INTEGRITY: Being honest with yourself and your teammates

Integrity means being honest and not lying, cheating or stealing. If you lack integrity your teammates, family and community cannot trust what you say or do. Integrity like trust takes a long time to build but is very quick to lose and can be lost forever.

5. LOYALTY: Support SBBA and your teammates

Loyalty is about supporting those around you, helping them and putting their needs sometimes before yours, not letting them down when the going gets tough. Loyalty flows both ways and people will be loyal to you.


SBBA is a team and getting to the rank of Blackbelt is a team effort. Putting the team first and me second makes the whole team effective when we all play our part in selfless commitment.

7. LAWFUL: Obey the Law and set an exemplary standard in your community

Martial Arts means that at certain times you need to be tough and aggressive, it will make you strong and robust. You must always keep yourself control, however angry or provoked you might be and not break the law.

8. APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR: Don’t offend others

SBBA requires a demanding standard of social behaviour – putting others needs before your own – honesty – supporting teammates. Social misbehaviour undermines the standards of SBBA and damages trust and integrity of the team.


SBBA Blackbelts are the best: As a SBBA Blackbelt it is vital that you maintain our standards to the highest level and lead by example.